Move over feline lovers. It turns out dogs really are a mans best friend! A recent study conducted by the journal Cell Research reveals for the first time, the incredible journey of the domestic dog over the past 33,000 years. And I thought Homeward Bound was amazing.

homeward bound

The study confirmed our connection with dogs through comparing genomes, or genetic inheritances, of 58 canids. Breeds included in the study ranged from the Siberian Husky to indigenous dogs from the northern Chinese countryside.

The telling connection between domestic dogs and their ancestors, the grey wolf, was led by Guo-Dong Wang, a molecular biologist at the Kunning Institute of Zoology. The origins of the domestic canine began somewhere in East Asia over 15,000 years ago.

old guy and dog

However, there was no evidence to when we first started playing fetch with our canine companions revealed in the study.

This lengthy study reveals a complex relationship between man and his best mate. We owe it to dogs for putting up with all our human shenanigans all these years. It’s about time you get ol’ Baxter a new toy, he deserves it!