Buh bye Ikea – all the flat-pack furniture you need can be delivered to your door.

I know how annoying furniture shopping can be, or moving in general. From past experience, moving involves a few trips to the furniture store and renting a moving truck, all together moving can costs you a pretty penny.

Most of the furniture we buy is shitty, and costs us an arm and a leg. Oh, let’s not forget about how long it takes to put together the furniture.

But, fear no more. Thanks to a company called, Our Paper Life, an entire room can be assembled in minutes. The best part is – no tools or glue is required.

Our Paper Life is a line of 100% recyclable furniture and can be custom branded and delivered flatpack en-masse to anywhere around the globe.


The box contains an entire suite of furnishings for your room made out of rugged cardboard: a folding desk, a chair, a wastebasket, and 12 cardboard cubes that you can use to make shelves, dressers, and even a platform for your mattress.

OPL was founded in 2011, and designed with the environment in mind so nothing ends up in a landfill. Each piece is composed of over 75% recycled content as well as being 100% recyclable.


OPL’s products are fully customizable with text and images, with the ability to be produced in any color.


If you’re wondering how much you’ll have to pay to get a hold of a room in a box – don’t fret, it’s a lot cheaper than buying furniture from Ikea. The price is $149. Know more.