You’ll never have to fret about printing again. Need to print a document before a big meeting? Check! Need to print out your mid-term paper? Check!

Finally, a printer that goes where you go. The printer is small enough to fit in your pocket and is capable of printing on any size paper.

How big is this robotic printer, you might ask?

At only 10.2 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height, you can clearly take this printer anywhere.

The future is now thanks to the people at Zuta Labs. This mini robot printer may change the way you print. The printer is made for our day to day life. The printer has a rechargeable battery that provides a full hour of printing.


The printer is convenient and easy to use. Instead of feeding paper through a stationary device with a moving cartridge, the printer distributes ink by roving across the page on two sets of bi-directional wheels. When it finishes printing a line, it can move down the required space and start printing the next line.

With WiFi connectivity, you’re able to connect directly to smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops. Because of it’s unique mechanical design, the printer is not limited by the paper size.


Using the mini robotic printer is quite simple – it’s similar to what we do now. If you’re on a PC, the device will appear to your system just like any other printer. For mobile, an app for Android and iOS will allow you to print from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.


You can print anything with the mini robotic printer. Well, not anything, you just can’t print in color, yet. Each printer will cost about $199. Know more.