Warning: happy tears may happen.

Quiksilver has been pioneering the surf gear for decades now, and it looks like they have done it again. Welcome the new True Wetsuits by Quiksilver.

Yes, it’s true – you now have a “True Wetsuit”. You can go from offshore to the office. You no longer have to worry about bringing a change of clothes, being late because you had to go home and change, or miss out on your morning surf. Beautiful, isn’t it? *tear


The suit: jacket, pants, and tie is made up of 2mm rubbery Neoprene, and the shirt is a body fitting “Dryflight” material in congruence with 3M, according to Gizmodo.com. The suit also comes in two colors: black and blue. And there is one tux. Yes, a tux. So not only can you go from the beach to the bosses office, you can go from catching waves to any formal event you are being dragged to that evening.



You can’t even tell it’s a wetsuit! Maybe just a little, up close, and when you touch it, and, oh who cares – it’s cool!


I mean, come on tailored and everything!

Okay, I gave you the good news, here’s the bad news; it is only available in Japan (for now). I know I was a bit upset myself, but it’s okay, it’s got to be coming our way soon.

Personally, I think this is amazing, and I for one, I would totally rock a wetsuit suit – even though chances are pretty high that I may get sh*t for it. Hey man, when nature calls, ride the wave – she may even appreciate that you dressed up for her for once. Know more.