There are some serious benefits to riding a bike instead of driving everywhere. Firstly, you’ll shed the weight you swore you would before summer, while making sure you decrease your carbon footprint. Bicycling will never have you worrying about paying insurance fees, avoiding traffic, or even finding a parking space. Riding a bicycle should be a carefree and fun activity that helps you not just get from point A to point B, but lets you enjoy your trip in between.

TiGr Lock is a company that understands, bicycling is not just a hobby, but an all encompassing lifestyle that combines fitness, design, and fun. They’ve created a bike lock that’s just as elegant and as easy to use as a bike. TiGr Titanium Bow Locks are especially made to give you a worry free ride. From personal experience, I have always hated carrying bike locks. They’re large, bulky, and can be broken into way too easily. You wouldn’t buy an ugly bike so why should you have to buy any ugly safety device? The makers at TiGr Lock understand that something you invest in should be well protected, but not at the cost of design.

Bob, John, and Jim Loughlin are the heads of the family run Stanton Concepts, LLC, with a history in developing new and innovative ideas for physical security challenges we all face. They’ve created a number of security locks, and their next endeavor, TiGr Locks, was born from an appreciation for the design and elegance of bicycles. They saw that there was a huge contradiction between the design of bicycles and their locks, and in Spring 2011 they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the TiGr Lock. Their campaign grew insanely successful with their goal being $37,500, and managing to raise $108,065.


I’ve told you about this great company, but what about the locks? What is SO special about these locks? Well, they are really beautifully designed. There isn’t a lock that is designed so harmoniously with a bike. Don’t let that fool you, this lock isn’t just all beauty and no brains. They’re easy to carry with the largest lock only weighing 1.9 pounds. They also come in a range of designs based on theft risk and bike type.

They come in two width sizes: a thinner one for quick stops and a thicker one for longer stops and higher risk situations.


They also come in three different lengths. The shorter one is for carrying in a small bag and locks one wheel and frame. The standard length is for securing multiple frames in one lock or securing both wheels and a frame. The long one is for a different range of bikes and even for multiple bikes.


The locks are made of titanium and also have anti-pick devices that make it difficult for anyone to steal your bike. Whether you’re a bike enthusiast that swears off cars altogether or you’re just someone who likes the occasional bike ride, this new method of locking your bike does not disappoint. Know more.