Let there be…balloon lights.

Balloons have put a smile on our faces for decades. We love them so much the hot air balloon was invented. And, as kids we kept our balloons until the last moment of deflation. Thanks to design company Estiluz, not only do children not have to worry about deflated balloons, their balloons illuminate their rooms.

Inspired by childhood memories of carrying around a balloon, letting the string go and watching it drift off into the sky, Estiluz designed the balloon lamp. The lamp is a super cool and fun light to dress up your child’s room with style.

Child with Balloon

The company created two versions: a ceiling version and a wall version. What is cool about having these two versions is it gives off a more realistic feel – having the balloons “floating” at different levels. It is also more visually appealing. And, to add to the visual appeal and give the lamps an out of the world like effect, Estiluz made the balloon lamps out of satinised polyethylene, “a translucent material that hides a low consumption florescent bulb”.

27280_Kobold 56

There’s a little red cable that hangs from the lamp, and if you have the wall version, the cable offers three different features: background light, pilot light, and off. The pilot feature softly lights darker areas of the room, turning the balloon lamp into a sweet little nightlight. Estiluz designed the ceiling version slightly different to give that “zenithal” feel and look. The dimensional design of the ceiling version can also make ceilings look higher and more open.


The company received the Silver Delta Award for their original design of the balloon lamp. The Silver Delta Award is one of Spain’s most prestigious design awards that recognize design innovation, manufacturing quality, renovation and creativity. And I can see why the company won this award, because even I want one of these in my room!

Aside from this awesome idea for a lamp, Estiluz has an inspiring collection of lamps and lights that certainly do not go unnoticed. As you can see, the company pulls from our favorite memories, but also keeps up with the times with chic, elegant, and modern designs. I definitely look forward to following up with these designers and seeing what will come out of the studio next. Know more.