Turns out, it’s not all that sexy talk that make our phones dirty – it’s the hands that hold them and the places we put them. But, thanks to Phone Soap creators Wesley LaPorte and Daniel Barnes, there is now a solution to keep our filthy little smartphones clean.

According to Digital Trends, the case that also acts as a charger, “allegedly kills 99.9 percent of germs in a span of five minutes.” With cell phones carrying 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, PhoneSoap is a heaven sent for a neat-freak, germaphobe such as myself. And, if you’ve been wondering what could be causing an uprise in your flu season, remember, everything you touch with your hands, your phone touches, too.


Something we all learned in science class but seem to forget – “warmth breeds bacteria”. Our phone batteries get warm from use, we shove our phones in our pant pockets, purses, and pouches then we pull them out with our grubby, dirty hands – and, viola! We just contributed to the bacteria.

So, the next time you are tempted to do this:


…Think about where your hand, and your phone have been. Or, at least think about where your hand is about to go.

Now do you understand why I am so excited about this device?

PhoneSoap uses a UV light wavelength to kill disgusting bacteria that we pick up on our phone throughout the day. But it doesn’t use the typical UV light we are all familiar with, it uses UV-C (wavelengths). UV-C is a wavelength that kills viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and other microorganisms. UV-C is also “effective in destroying nucleic acids and breaking apart germ DNA”, according to PhoneSoap.com. Breaking apart the germ DNA takes away their ability to function or reproduce causing the germ DNA to eventually die.


Because this lean mean UV-C light machine is so powerful that we can’t even look at it, we will never get to see its awesome super powers in action. However, there is a cool little blue light on the outside of the case that lights up once our filthy phone is spic-and-span and ready to go.


Knowing you won’t have your phone in PhoneSoap all day, you will find a microfiber cleaning pad, screen polish, and a antimicrobial case that the company offers on the website.

So, next time you wipe down your phone and it “looks” clean, think again. Know more.