Losing things has been the human dilemma for probably as long as we’ve been in existence. From lost civilizations, like the Mayans to lost car keys. As long as people exist, you can count on the fact that they will lose their shit. Before I even sat down to write this, I was rummaging through my house looking for my cell phone, which was not so conveniently placed between couch cushions. Technology has changed our lives dramatically in ways we may not even think about. Nowadays, when we lose our phones and wallets, we’re actually losing our important contacts, conversations, family photos, financial information, and pretty much anything else we really need including our minds.

Linquet is a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is focused on, “connecting real objects to the cloud and making dumb objects smart.” They believe that adding a small device which tells you when you leave your valuables behind and where they are is the smarter way to live. No longer will you have to spend time driving yourself insane looking for something you “swore was there.” With so many stressful situations in life, losing something valuable shouldn’t have to be one of them anymore.

Using Bluetooth, a Linquet can be added to your phone on their free app. When your phone or any item (keys, wallet, tablet, purse, bikes, pets, even kids!) falls out of the set range an alarm will sound on your phone. If you can’t hear or don’t want to hear the alarm, Linquet sends you location information in real-time so you can search for the item wherever it may be. The only thing this device probably won’t be able to find is where you left your dignity last night after you went to the club.


​The Linquets attach to keys, pets, computers, and pretty much anything else you can really think of. Once you download the app, you connect Linquets to the app. Linquet has three different types of plans to better suit your lifestyle. They’re solo plan allows a single user with a single Linquet device for $2.50/month. Their smart plan allows four Linquet devices and two users for $8.33/month, and their Pro plan allows 10 Linquet devices and 5 users for $16.67/month. Linquet recommends no more than 10 devices to ensure the best customer experience, and considering how valuable these things are, the prices are well worth it. There’s also no pressure, or contract to maintain with Linquet. If you ever decide you’d rather go back to the old school way of finding your stuff you can do that at no cost or hassle to you.

Linquet even gives you the option of customizing your user experience. Say, you don’t want your alarm blaring while you’re in a meeting or out for lunch: turn the volume of the alarm down or off. Set up different names for your stuff, set up different icons for your stuff, ringtones/alarm modes and you can even change how far away you want something to be before your alarm starts going off. The range (distance away something is from you) can be custom. Say you want your keys close to you, but your pets can roam around a little further. The alarm will only sound if something is beyond the distance that’s comfortable for you.


​Your friends can get in on the action also. You can set up a number of “trusted friends,” (with their permission) to help you retrieve something you’ve left behind if they are within that thing’s range. If it goes beyond a 100 ft. range, you will be automatically updated as to where it is so you can go retrieve your valuable item. So not only will you be able to know if something is lost, but if something has been stolen as well.


​Linquet devices are splash proof and have replaceable batteries, meaning you’ll only ever to buy devices once. The battery will last up to a year, and after that you are able to easily replace it and continue protecting your valuables. Linquet also has a magic button that doubles as a panic button in case you lost your phone or just want to start your phone’s camera. Looking for your lost items has never been so convenient, and the hopes of the scatterbrained people (me definitely included) have finally been answered. Know more.