Since the beginning of cell phone time we have been turning our phones on, now, thanks to the creators at OhMiBod, our phones can turn us on.

OhMiBod are the creators of the first iPod vibrator, so it’s no surprise that we are seeing yet another sexy innovative idea come from these pioneers. OhMiBod Remote is an app that allows couples to stay sensually and sexually connected while apart. Or, as one writer from showed us, it connects you to whom ever you want on the other end of the… line.

The connectivity seems relatively easy – connecting to your partner through an invite to “play” then making a “connection” once your partner has accepted the invitation. However, the only draw back, I would say, is both participants have to be connected to Google+ before an invitation to play and engage in any kinkiness is sent (not everyone may have a Google+ account). But, once that connection is made, control is in the palm of your partner’s hand from where ever they might be. The video below gives a sexy little teaser of how this amorous app works.

The OhMiBod blueMotion Nex|1 app comes with:
– Internet control (w/in-app purchase)
– Pre-set patterns
– Touch control
– Tap and record
– Motion control
– Audio record


And that’s just what the app provides. You can expect a box of goodies containing:
– Bluetooth app controlled wearable massager
– Blue lace thong (one size fits most)
– Privacy pouch
– USB charging cable


The app is also compatible with almost all OhMiBod vibrators.

I have read quite a few reviews and the verdicts all seem to reveal a “happy ending”. One reviewer said the motions, vibration levels, and the options for different vibrations were all on par. She also went on to say the vibrator, though one would think by its appearance to be uncomfortable, was completely opposite with the “little nub” and vibrator hitting just the right spot. Another reviewer who was equally pleased, shed light on having this as a new option for a one-night stand, but without ever having to physically meet – she found her one-nighter on Tinder and invited him to play.

The couple of downfalls mentioned were noise level at a higher speed, and about a nine minute set up time for first time users when trying to connect. Though, nine minutes is not much time at all, it can seem like forever when wanting to visit the pleasure princiPAL.

Overall, I would have to say after reading reviews that this actually sounds like a legitimate app and definitely something to look into – especially if you are looking to spice up your sex life. And, I might just put money on the fact that we will eventually see a viral video of a real life “When Harry met Sally” moment. Know more.