It’s called, The Henn-na Hotel, and what a Henn-na hotel it is.

The Henn-na Hotel (which translates to “strange hotel”), is to open July 17th, and will be Japan’s first hotel to employ robots. Yes, robots.

The Henn-na Hotel will staff a mixture of humans and “actroids”. Actroids are very huminoid robots created by Osaka University and manufactured by the Japanese company, Kokoro.

According to, actroid robots tend to be modeled after young Japanese women. Actroids can speak fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English; they will be able to imitate human behaviors and body language, such as blinking of the eyes and hand shakes, and, according to Kokoro, “her astonishingly small face is capable of creating exotic facial expressions”. Well now, is that so? You bad bot, you!

Thus far, actroids will take on responsibilities, such as: front desk (checking customers in and out), bellhop (assisting with luggage and porting), and house keeping.


If you didn’t think having way-too-real huminoid robots, who make exotic facial expressions, was enough, you will be happy to know that The Henn-na Hotel, will also feature facial recognition technology and exetremely personalized room temperature mechanics. Facial recognition will be used as the “key” to your room, while the room itself will be able to monitor your body heat and make adjustments to the temperature as needed. Will it take my blood pressure too?

The hotel will consist of two stories and 72 rooms. It has been erected on the grounds of Japan’s famous theme park, Huis Ten Bosch, close to Nagasaki. Room rates will fluctuate between 7000 yen (or $60) a night to about 1800 yen ($153) per night. And you guessed it – the low prices are possible do to a staff of robots instead of humans.

The Henn-na Hotel also has a slogan it will advocate: “A Commitment for Evolution”.

And, the hotel name doesn’t just have the one meaning (strange hotel), this clever play on words also holds a meaning of “change”. The hotel wants the name to reflect the business’s commitment to “changing with cutting-edge technology”. Or perhaps one could see it as “strange change”.


Whatever change, or however strange, a spokeswoman for Huis Ten Bosch reported that if all goes as well, another actroid staffed hotel could be ready for business by 2016.

Move over Hollywood actors, Japanese actroids are here to steal the show! Know more.