I thought peanut butter and jelly was the best sandwich out there, but Rohinni shed some light on that subject.

The company has come up with a way to print light and keep it together between two layers. How does Rohinni make this happen? By mixing ink and tiny LEDs together, printing it out on a conductive sheet, then sandwiching all of that goodness with the two ends that keep it together. And, voilá! A very “light” sandwich!


Printing light opens up a world of endless possibilities. However, at the moment, Rohinni is focusing on putting its new development where it will help sooner than later.

A couple of areas the company has in mind are decorative elements on products, like cars, phones and more.

Though the public will start seeing this product by mid 2015, it will not be available to consumers at that time. Rohinni intends to target the commercial and industrial market first, but, before they can do that, they have to iron out some wrinkles.

Smoot, CMO of Rohinni, told Fast Co Lab they are working on getting the LEDs to spread out evenly. As of right now, when they print out the mixture of ink and LEDs, it does not print out evenly – making for a shimmer or “starry night effect.” Rohinni suggests it’s possible to fix it in short time.

I can’t see this being too big of a problem being that they already figured out how to print light! Keep in touch as we follow this story and “enlighten” you with more as the technology develops. Know more.