This mossy and eco-friendly mat would be a green addition to any nature lover’s household – in more ways than one. Aside from its lush appearance, this mat also sustains itself. Every time you step out of the shower, the moisture in the air and any remaining water droplets left on you will fall onto the mat to keep it alive. Who would have known you could have such a healthy relationship with a bath mat?

Many prospective buyers have been airing loud concerns about getting their feet dirty after stepping onto this shrubbery mat. However, creator Nguyen La Chanh has thought of a solution for that as well. “[T]here is no soil involved in this living bath mat at all. Instead the moss attaches itself to the recycled vegetal latex foam in a similar way as it would to a wall.” This leaves the mat green, clean, and probably pretty comfy to step on.


Not to mention this is way more hygienic than your average bath mat. There are many types of moss that actually have medicinal properties and stepping on one everyday could even be beneficial to your health. There’s no need to buy a boring old fabric bath mat when this beautiful, living, disease-fighting one exists. Know more.

A clump of green moss shot on a solid white background.