The thought of giving back, paying it forward, compassion, whatever you want to call it, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside – the thought of being able to do all of the above after this decrepit body has expired, takes warm and fuzzy to a whole new level.

If this sounds like you, you will be happy to know that the environmentally conscious creators and designers of Bios have made it possible for people all over the world to give back one last time. Gerard and Roger Moliné of Estudimoline Studios are the masterminds behind this ingenious, yet almost obvious, invention.


Bios are biodegradable urns that are planted into the ground with your loved ones ashes and a tree seed in them. What is so awesome about this? You get to pick any tree seed you want, you get to nurture and watch it grow, you are adding one more tree to the environment (“giving back”), and, as it is so eloquently stated on Urnabios, “…contains a seed which will grow to remember your loved ones… and a return to life through nature.”

Bios urn has been cleverly crafted to keep the seeds​ within the top portion of the urn during germination before biodegradation occurs. Why is this process important? Because the seed roots need time to grow enough strength before making contact with the ashes.


Bios ships its urns anywhere in the world and currently has six tree seeds you can choose from. However, the urns are compatible with any type of seed, so you can choose one of your own if Bios does not carry a seed you are looking for. And, as if this whole creation wasn’t cool enough, they also have urns for – drum role please – YOUR PETS! Know more.