So, whom can you thank for keeping your wine in your glass, your carpets clean, and your favorite Christmas sweater intact to wear for next year? None other than the gentlemen of Super-Duper Studios in San Francisco. After four years of trial-and-error (and I am sure, a number of broken glasses), Super-Duper duo, Chris and Matt have finally perfected the no-spill wine glass, which has been appropriately named, Saturn Wine Glass.

And, do not let the look of simplicity fool you – these precious pieces are shaped by hand before being blown by awesome artisans in Oakland, CA and turned into the wine savers we all get to know and love.

Now, unless you are a wine lover, like myself, you may not understand the beauty of this magnificent invention – but, nonetheless, it will probably be handy to have at least one of these in your cupboard on the occasion one of your wino friends show up. Know more.