You’ve seen the iconic Sriracha bottle at every Asian restaurant you’ve ever visited. You know it as the “Tabasco of teriyaki” or the “Tapatio of pho”. From spicy tuna to orange chicken, you’ve encountered its flavor, and you may not even know you love it. Now, starting this Holiday Season, it is a critical ingredient in a new release from brewery Rogue.

Introducing the Sriracha Hot Stout Beer.

sriracha beer

Featuring the original hot chili sauce by Huy Fong and sun ripened ingredients by Rogue Farms, this stout is ready to deliver a kick to the back of your throat, but fear not. The kick’s not too bad, and the flavor is surprising, good but definitely a surprise.

Though it’s very different, it reminds me of a spicy mocha, which is a mix of chocolate, espresso and red peppers. It’s not my favorite drink, but in a similar way, it creatively fuses the spiciness into an otherwise bitter drink.

It’s worth a shot if you can get your hands on one. Pair it with some spicy pad thai, and call it a night. Know more.