The future is here, and it’s looking pretty bright (yellow) for the medical field. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have “developed a test that’s going to enable more people to get diagnosed earlier for cancer.” It’s a simple pee test that will be able to detect certain types of cancer.

This may not be a cure for cancer, but it is certainly a step in the right direction – early detection of cancer is the key to survival. A simple and easily obtained preventative screening test like this would mean far less people would go undiagnosed and untreated. Early detection equals a faster start to treatments and a better prognosis of recovery.

The test uses paper strips like those in a home pregnancy test. However, instead of checking for markers in the urine that determine pregnancy, these strips will check for markers that determine cancer. In order for these markers to become clear on the strips, “A patient is injected with molecules that interact with the extra proteins produced by cancer tumor cells.” These proteins are then detected by the paper strips in the urine test.

Simple and effective tests like these could come in handy for remote or rural areas that do not have quick access to technology currently used for screening multiple types of cancer. The results are ready within half an hour. The test allows for a cost effective and simple way to test for any number of cancers that might be hereditary. Instead of waiting for the disease to rear its ugly head, you could get a preventative screening and save yourself precious time, money, and pain. Scientists hope to have human clinical trials within the year. Know more.