Gamers can spend countless hours playing video games. It’s time some might consider completely wasted. What if a gamer could do what they love while also giving something back at the same time? One company, Brand & Grotesque, is taking this idea to the bank….the blood bank.

They’ve come up with a new game called Blood Sport that connects the player and their gaming controller to a “blood collection system”. A needle is inserted into the player’s vein and an Arduino (a single-board microcontroller that makes objects interact with their environment). Blood Sport players play against each other, literally, seeking to draw blood from the other. When a player loses, their console’s rumble pack is triggered, and blood is extracted from the player’s arm.

Considering the amount of time gamers spend playing, one would think the risk of passing out would be obscenely high. Fortunately, the controller has a setting that shuts it down before it sucks them dry. Brand & Grotesque claim it’s all for a great cause and not just for some macabre shock value. All of the collected blood is to be donated to medicine. Know more.