There’s a new dream-come-true coffee gadget sure to make the heart race in excitement. For the true coffee addict, a typical morning workout consists of lifting a hot cup of coffee, sipping, and repeating. Now, you can satisfy your caffeine urge while pumping up those biceps. It’s called the Minipresso, a portable espresso brewer powered solely by your hand.

Just scoop your coffee, fill it with hot water, then pump it. The power of your pump heats your hot shot to 152 degrees Fahrenheit while semi-automatic piston action injects water into the coffee, making the perfect shot of espresso every time.

The Minipresso weighs under a pound and is small enough to carry with you wherever you go. At a mere $49, it’s a bargain when you think about the cash you could blow in one week at a regular coffee shop. Know more.