Ah, flip-flops, the prized possession of many a sun-worshipper. Some of us can’t imagine going without these much less wearing some other type of footwear on a daily basis. The one problem with the much loved flip-flop design is that it’s prone to blow-outs. One minute you’re enjoying a stroll on the strand and the next you’re doing a face plant on the ground over a broken strap.

If the thought of wearing anything other than flip-flops is out of the question, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. The cringe-worthy days of thong blow-out are a thing of the past thanks to Willi Footwear. This Aussie company has finally come up with an intelligent solution to prevent broken thongs that is not only functional but stylish at the same time.

20140713233451-regular-strapsThe Interchangeable Thong Range has patented boomerang shaped plugs designed to minimize blow-out. If that wasn’t enough, you can color coordinate your flip-flops to match your outfit. Four base colors and six strap colors provide twenty-four color combinations. This ingeniously simple concept will be available soon and has everyone eagerly anticipating their new product launch. Know more.