As you read this, your ass is probably growing roots on that well-worn chair you’ve been planted on top of all day. Your muscles are turning into flabby mush because you’re too lazy to use the perfectly good limbs attached to your pathetic body. You’re the type to freak out because the elevator is broken and you have to take the stairs. Oh, you’re so tired, you whine. Stop your bitching about how life has dealt you a sad hand and move your forward-facing feet.

There’s someone who doesn’t ever bitch about life – Wang Fang of China. Wang has every right to be down because she was born with backwards facing feet. Yes, her feet are inverted and face backwards! Yet, she doesn’t even consider herself disabled and refuses to take government disability pension from the Chinese government.

Wang says she can outrun most of her friends and she works full-time in a restaurant as a waitress. That’s a feat in itself considering the time servers spend walking around. So the next time you boo-hoo about anything, remember Wang Fang. Consider the following as a public service announcement to those with forward facing feet: Shut your mouth and move that fat ass! Know more.