Did you know the first recorded use of an umbrella comes from Egypt over 3,500 years ago? Since then the basic design has remained the same. So, why fix what isn’t broken? Those pesky fabric and metal- ribbed umbrellas are usually more trouble than they’re worth – turning inside out with a gust of wind, poking your eye out with broken limp metal prongs, or simply ripping apart when you need it most.

The Air Umbrella promises to erase 3,500 years of history. It’s the umbrella, evolved. The idea is simple: forced air creates an invisible force field, of sorts, deflecting rain drops and keeping you dry. The first attempt at this concept was back in 2010 but was not successful. Now, designers from China have started a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this device. With prices ranging from $128-$148, it’s an investment but on sunny days your Air Umbrella could potentially double as a microphone, a shower head, a back massager….just use your imagination. Know more.