It’s gotta be in LA… No?? I’m pretty sure I just saw it the other day when I was passing over the 405 and laughing with glee as I watched idiots parked on the entrance ramp.

Sadly, I’m wrong. The traffic jam in question is actually called The Chatillion Car Graveyard, and it’s located in Belgium. Some say the vehicles were left by U.S. soldiers after WWII who never returned to get them, but the locals say it’s always been nothing more than a car dump.

Well, since we’re making up stories about how it came to be, I have my own: 70 years ago, your mom came to town, and everyone fled. When they got stuck, they abandoned their vehicles and kept walking, never to return. Yeah, I said it: your mom sucks so bad, she causes 70 year old traffic jams. Buuuurn… Know more.