The Blue Glaucus sounds like a terrible Marvel comic storyline for Galactus, devourer of planets-teaming up with The Blue Man Group to fight Starlord and the rest of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Please, Stan, don’t do this-the Blue Galucus is a sea slug, and sea slugs have never been cool, ever.

Except the Blue Glaucus is fucking badass. Yes, it’s a sea slug, putting its intelligence somewhere between Patrick Star from Spongebob and a Tara Reids’ manager. However, who needs brains when you can freaking eat poison-and make more poison. From the poison you just ate.

A typical meal for this weird but pretty looking ocean dweller is really toxic jellyfish. Namely, the Portuguese Man-O’-War. Take that in. Those things don’t fuck around-A Man-O’-War sting can kill humans. The Blue Glaucus is about three to six centimeters long and looks cute.

So, basically, the little blue guy will go straight for the weapon of the Man-O’-War: The stinging cells. A kamikaze mission to most other sea creatures. No biggie for the True Blue G. It keeps itself safe with mucus kept in its skin. So, ‘snot’ something to laugh at.

Then, it totally pays it forward. Yup, mess with it and BAM! You got Man-O’-War’d second hand. Even humans aren’t safe.


The ocean has more mysteries than outer space. We don’t even know about all the creatures that live in it, how messed up they are, or if we have a Cthulhu problem to worry about (Lovecraft, bitches.) It’s mind boggling that this suspiciously Pokémon-looking thing levels up after a bite of jellyfish poison.

Galactus is a total wimp compared to the Blue Glaucus. Know more.