Warning! The story you are about to read is the stuff made of nightmares. If you are afraid of spiders, I’m surprised you even made it past the picture. Let me set the scene. It’s late at night. You’re in bed ready to settle in for a good night’s sleep. Suddenly, you hear the eerie sound of clicking in your room, not unlike the sound of horse hooves.

WTF, you think. You scan the room quickly. Nothing. Darkness. Clickety-clack. It’s getting closer and closer. You shiver with fear pulling the covers over your head. One false move could spell certain doom. What the hell is it? Well, if you happen to be spending the night in the jungle of Suriname, count on it being the Goliath Birdeater.

The Goliath is a hairy ugly disgusting spider creature living on the forest floor, able to grow as large as a small puppy with a leg span as long as a foot. What makes the Goliath grow so big? Apparently, they have a slow metabolism, sort of like arachnid obesity. Or maybe they’re just big-boned?

Either way this gargantuan spider may be the only of it’s kind in the world to make a sound when it walks. Yes, it’s that dreaded sound of tiny horse hooves. Although Goliath’s aren’t venomous to humans, if you ever find yourself in Suriname and hear the echoes of a clickety-clack and warning hiss coming your way….run! They can do some major damage with their enormous fangs and hardened claws. Know more.