world's biggest pool  - chile

The World’s biggest pool dwarfs all others. Being over a half mile long, the second biggest – the Orthlieb in Morocco – doesn’t even get close at 1,575 feet long. I don’t even feel right calling it a pool. It’s more like a small man-made lake with perfect, crystal, blue water and a depth of 135 feet.

world's biggest pool - girl


You can dive in at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, where it was built over a span of five years for more money than you can count. It’s big enough that resort attendants drift in kayaks and small sail boats throughout the pool.

World’s-Largest-Swimming-Pool chile

world's biggest pool san alfonso resort - night

The way the resort regulates the water is brilliant. An automatic computer-controlled system sucks in water from the ocean, filters it and pumps it into the pool. Because the ocean water is rather chilly in Chile, the pool is intentionally designed so that the sun warms the water nine degrees higher than the water in the ocean. Know more.

world's biggest pool - chile