The sun is hot. Water is wet. Two things that are true.

But the the sun was once ice, scientists hypothesize. Yes, there was galactic ice hanging around the vast universe.

The good folks over at the Carnegie Institution figured that one out. The whole ‘Water is older than the sun thing’ has to do with asteroids and comets. The cool thing about these space rocks is that they’re like “time capsules.” The evidence of ice found on them indicated that the chemical reactions that created the sun could not have happened unless the ice existed first. To make this a bit clearer: Earth is rocks, sun is gas, space rocks had ice on them, ergo the water is older than the gas.

This is a huge deal. It just might indicate the existence of life outside of our solar system. If there are comets and astroids flying around with ice on them, in the unfathomably big universe, there has to be another place where the same situation happened…or is happening. Know more.