There’s a fine line between casual drinker and full-blown alcoholic. One day you’re drinking martinis at a business dinner, the next you’re downing shots of vodka and flashing the potential client.

Now you can go beyond the realm of drinking straight out of the bottle and not giving a fuck. You can inhale alcohol-which is not as amazing as it sounds.

The Vaportini is a ‘cocktail’, where you heat the alcohol to 140°F. You use what is essentially a bong to inhale the aroma of the alcohol. The inventor says it’s awesome, and the best part is that it has “no carbs.” Yay! The ultimate drink to compliment your organic/fad diet.

It’s dangerous for you though, because it’s toxic. The Vaportini will get you wasted/high really fast, but that’s because the alcohol is going into your lung tissue, which makes it hit your bloodstream faster than an NFL player…well, you know the rest. Inhaling burns the lung tissue as well. Perhaps the worst side effect is what it can do to your brain. The alcohol isn’t processed by your liver, so it’s not ‘broken down’, and all the toxins that would regularly get weeded out are still in your body. Your brain cells will disappear. It also fucks up your internal organs.

Sure, you’ll get drunk super fast, but the cost is not worth it.

It’s some dipshit hipster nonsense. If you want to get drunk, either go out or drink alone (like a normal person), don’t be that pretentious asshole who drinks out of a glorified bong. Know more.