Mount Ontake erupts

I know what you’re thinking, but these pictures of Mt. Ontake aren’t photoshopped.

Mount Ontake erupts

It is said that when the great volcano rumbled, the colors in the area grew frightened. In an attempt to escape, all the color had been absorbed by the fleeing villagers so that they could reach safety together. Poor ol’ Ontake was left alone and in grey.

Mount Ontake erupts, hikers

Yeah, yeah, smartass, it’s just a crap load of ash, but how much fun is that theory?

The September 27 eruption, though, did a lot more than destroy Mt. Ontake’s vanity. The bastard was the first fatal eruption in Japan since 1991, and with 54 fatalities, it was quite deadly even when compared to Torishima’s death toll of about 150 people in 1902. Shit. “–shima” does not seem to be a lucky suffix for the Japanese.

Mount Ontake erupts

I don’t know how this one guy is smiling with that hell cloud closing in behind him.

Mt. Ontake is a tourist attraction, a beginner’s hike, and since it was just before noon on a beautiful day, hundreds of hikers were on the Mount when the surprise eruption took place. How did they keep from freaking out and stampeding over everyone in their way? Americans trample each other for Black Friday sales, after all. Beats me. But even without pushing or shoving, the of 54 lives is a tragedy nonetheless. Know more.