Oh Thanksgiving, that wonderful, gluttonous holiday devoted to stuffing your face with pies, cakes, turkey, potatoes, and more. Well, I suppose giving thanks is the real intention behind that holiday. But like most American traditions, it goes better with lots and lots of food.

In the days of the Mayflower folk, the settlers observed the holiday by praying and abstaining from food. The Wampanoag Indians, who joined the pilgrims’ holiday festivities, contributed their own harvest traditions, which included dancing, games, and feasting. These traditions were from the ancient festival, Nickommoh, which means to give away or exchange.

Obviously, the settlers couldn’t refuse the delicious offerings from the Wampanoag. This means that they were not good at abstaining from food. Or did they just want to be respectful? Seems like an odd question directed at the same people, who stole the land from various Native American tribes. Know more.