Not only is it difficult to understand the myriad of ways that you could compromise your identity and data online, but it’s even harder to understand how to stop that from ruining your life. One minor oversight – one hasty download, one mis-clicked link, one tempting email, one sketchy website – can easily compromise your computer, your work, your career, or your finances. Of course, children, who don’t know how to protect themselves online, also pose a major risk to your home network security. But times are changing.

As hackers and scammers get stronger, there is clearly a growing demand for a simple and instant solution that keeps your computers and other internet connected devices safe from hackers, trojans, viruses and other online shenanigans, so companies, such as Itus Networks, are developing devices to act as something like a cyber bouncer for all incoming and outgoing data in your home network. Thus… iGuardian by Itus Networks.

iGuardian is one of the first of these devices. It instantly protects your computers and other internet connected devices with corporate-grade security. Sitting between all of the devices on your home network and the vast, wild Internet, iGuardian detects, prevents and interferes with any cyber activity that is a threat to your network security.

If you know anything about old school network security, you’ve probably already made the assumption that this just a well configured router with capable antivirus software, but you’d be wrong. Today, the Internet is a bigger more complicated jungle.

iGuardian is actually a full Linux computer, smaller than a banana, that runs Cisco’s Sourcefire SNORT, an inline intrusion prevention system. Linux is one of the most secure operating systems available, and SNORT is the kind of software that protects corporations around the World from military-grade hacking. Also equipped with automatic updates, it’s the instant hands-off solution for the ultimate peace of mind at home.

And the best part? It doesn’t slow down your Web surfing speed, so all the food and baby pics you don’t care about on your Facebook newsfeed will continue to load as fast as ever.

The device is currently in the development phase, and just blew past it’s funding goal on Kickstarter. Expect a full commercial launch in February. Know more.