The man with the penis brain, the infamous Sigmund Freud, had to go through some rough patches before his theories changed the world. Yes, aspiring psychologists learn about the man behind the circular spectacles only to learn about other psychologists, whom disproved all of Freud’s studies. He did break ground, however, in the field of psychology.

Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” was not incredibly popular when it first hit the shelves. The book, which is supposedly his most notable, sold 351 copies from 1899 until 1909, the year Freud published the second edition. Speaking of his books, the Nazis burned his books during WWII because Freud was an atheist and Jew. He was driven out of Austria, but several of his relatives didn’t escape. Four of his sisters died in concentration camps.

Freud had strong opinions in addition to his firm disbelief in God. For instance, Freud thought that cocaine was the miracle drug. Well, I think a lot of people might agree with that, including his friend, who got addicted to cocaine. Since cocaine lifted Freud’s spirits, he dedicated his paper “On Coca” to the powerful properties of the drug.

Cocaine didn’t kill him, but smoking sure contributed to the decline of his health. His chain smoking led to 33 cancer surgeries, but they never prompted him to quit. Freud died in 1951 and people worship him to this day. In January 2014, the London police stopped thieves from stealing Freud’s ashes. Know more.