We live in strange times. Twenty years ago, you might think you’re in the Twilight Zone if you heard that farmers are suing cops for destroying their marijuana plants, but in 2014, it’s happening.

The Federal and State disparities in marijuana law create some awkward situations for everyone involved. I’m sure nothing feels better to a cop than busting through a warehouse door with a SWAT tank to unveil a full-scale marijuana operation. Then, when the tenant of the building claims that he’s a legitimate grower under state law… oh, the orgasm that comes from telling him to shove his papers up his ass…

…until he takes you to court for a cool $3.3 million for destroying his plants. What a buzzkill, but what goes around comes around.

Lawyers, no doubt, the heroes of the American pothead, are leading the charge into battle against the DEA and state troopers. In the comments of Highhttp://www.hightimes.com/read/cops-are-being-sued-dead-pot-plants Times article, a business owner claims his $6 million civil case in Washington state is going pretty well, and the judge has even ordered the cops to return every leaf of every plant stolen by Sheriff Brett Myers and the Whitman County drug task force.

Another man is in the process of suing law enforcement in Colorado for destroying his 42 medical marijuana plants. The herbicide occurred before state law legalized the recreational use of the plant. But the case goes on, even today. He seeks $210,000 in damages, and it doesn’t help the cops that a jury found him not guilty, meaning the cops had no right to bust down his door in the first place.

As marijuana laws change throughout this decade and cops dig themselves into a hole by acting first and asking questions later – thus, killing innocents, unnecessarily destroying property, and earning a tone of public animosity in the process – it’s only a matter of time until cops have to start treating marijuana farmers as the tax-paying business people that they truly are. Know more.