I’d look for further research on this except my hands hurt, and I’m kinda bored. I also have a headache b/c it’s so hot in here. To make matters EVEN worse, I just found out I’ll be subjected to this misery even longer than those perky sons of bitches with their half-full glasses of shut the fuck up.

A recent study showed that complaining actually increases your life! (Wha-whaaaaaaat?!) Apparently, when we complain, not only do we destroy the mood of everyone around us, but we also release tension and stress which enables us to be healthier, live long, and prosper!

Not to be a big complainy cliche, but I really wish I knew about this earlier in my life. I’ve been dropping complaint bombs for as long as I can remember – my mom says my first word was a whiny, “owwwwwww!” But instead of basking in the health of it, I’ve been adding on the guilt that our horrible “you shouldn’t complain! think positive!” ass holes of society have instilled within me. To all you fuckers: I’ll speak at your funeral. Know more.