Malinois puppy

Owners of Belgian Mainois dogs often describe the breed as “batshit”, “hyper”, “psychotic” and “crazy”, but military special forces like to think that their their puppies are just fearless, loyal and ready to work all day. That’s why it makes for the perfect breed of dog to jump into war with… out of a plane.

Belgian Malinois sky diving dog

Belgian Malinois sky diving dog

As you can see, it’s closely related to the German Shepherd, and it’s sometimes confused with its German cousin. Similarly, it was bred into existence as a working shepherd dog to protect and keep livestock in check. Though it’s not herding sheep as often these days, it’s still working hard around the World.

navy dog

A Malinois is actually a part of Seal Team 6, the same US special forces group that found and killed Osama Bin Laden in the Middle East, so if you ever see one of these running towards you on the battlefield, you better hope it’s on your side because nothing – not fear, heights or a big ass explosion – will keep this beast from fucking somebody up. Know more.