Parenthood is like a performance enhancing drug when your babies are in trouble. I’ve heard of a mother that lifted a car off her child, so perhaps this story of a mother cat, Scarlett, walking through flames to save her five kittens shouldn’t be so surprising. Still, it’s hard to grasp that an animal could care for her offspring that much.

In 1996, a crack house in Brooklyn blew up, engulfing the whole property in flames. The NYFD quickly made it to the scene. That’s when one of the firefighters noticed an adult cat moving kittens – one by one – from the burning garage to a safe outside area.

By the time Scarlett had moved the last kitten out of harm’s way, her eyes blistered closed, her hair signed off, her ears and pars seared tender. Upon ensuring the safety of each kitten, she collapsed unconscious by her babies.

The firefighter, David Gianelli, immediately delivered the family of cats to a veterinary clinic in Port Washington, New York. The family made a full recovery, and Scarlett lived a happy life through 2008. Know more.