Cat-calling may be rude, but a calling a cat ‘bionic’ is an awesome premise for a movie.

Oscar is a cutie kitty, but he’s also a survivor. He got caught in a combine harvester and lost his hind legs. He was, effectively, a double amputee kitty.

Lucky for Oscar, his legs were replaced with prosthetics. Really, really cool prosthetics.

Veterinarians used a new technology called Intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthetics. They were fitted just for little Oscar, and allow him to live the rest of his life like any other feline. The new legs have ‘paws’ on them, so he can walk and run like a four-legged cat. Me-yow!

In fact, Oscar could also be helping humans with his new legs. It seems like he’s doing fine, and doctors take that as a sign to consider the technology for non-feline amputees.

When asked to comment, Oscar purred and walked around on his new legs. Know more.