Whether or not you like Facebook, you have to admit… there’s something askew about people that share way too much about their boyfriends, girlfriends and hookups all the time. Well, it turns out that’s true, and it doesn’t matter if they’re complaining or boasting. It’s all the same: they do so because they feel insecure about their relationship with that person.

The study that confirms this behavior was conducted by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Researchers analyzed the way people express relationship uncertainty on the Web, and realized that people only do this “on days when people felt more insecure about their partner’s feelings than they typically do.”

My hypothesis about why it happens is self affirmation. They feel that by talking about it – whether boasting or complaining – it will somehow fix itself. When boasting, maybe they can convince themselves and others that the relationship really is going better than it seems. When complaining, maybe they’re hoping someone will chime in with helpful advice.

So the next time your ex-college roommate uses Facebook describe the perfectly round ass of the girl that just gave him fantastic head in the back seat of his Lexus, you can bet either…

A. it didn’t happen..


B. it will probably never happen again. Know more.