Think about the last time you were at, say, H&M. H&M, on a Friday afternoon, just as school got out.

You’re welcome for the ‘Nam-esque flashback I just gave you. Specifically, the line wait for the dressing room.

Waiting in that line is dull, sometimes the associate is off having a smoke, sometimes some brat will cut in front of you.

Sadly, stripping down and trying on clothes in the middle of the store is frowned upon by fellow patrons and the police (real and mall).

Cosmo, however, found a way around that nonsense!

If you can’t play the video, here’s a helpful article. Basically, you grab a leotard (to match your skin tone-seems that’s more logical than bright magenta), wear it under your clothes, and, BAM! You can now grab what you want and try it on. No laws broken! Know more.