Now I know the best way to get rid of all my enemies. Just invite them to a nice dinner and lure them into a false sense of safety with the illusion that I’m cooking for them one of the healthiest foods in existence. After all, I CARE.

A man was rushed to the hospital after a dinner of brussel sprouts caused him to experience issues with his “mechanical heart.” Doctors later determined that brussel sprouts and other leafy vegetables contain a ton of the special Vitamin K (not to be confused with the drug: Special K), which counteracts the effects of certain anticoagulant medications. Be still my heart.

However, I’m pretty interested in the fact that this man apparently had a “mechanical heart.” Ummm, wrong focal point, BBC! A better title for the article might be, The Tin Man’s on the loose, and brussel sprouts are his Vitamin Kryptonite. Boom – drop the mic. Know more.