Survivor hit it big with their Grammy-winning, Rocky III hit “Eye of the Tiger.” That was before Jimi Jamison, who died a couple days ago on August 31, joined the band. Jamison joined in 1984 and helped write “The Moment of Truth,” which was used in The Karate Kid, “Is This Love?” and a second round, fourth round rather, with “Burning Heart” for Rocky IV.

Survivor disbanded in 1989, but hired David Beckler, the original singer, back on in 1993 after his vocal polyps had healed. Well, Jamison made his name in the biz and decided to tour as Survivor in the 90s as well. Two bands were touring under the same name with different lineups. I guess that would’ve been a surprise to concert goers. It was either Bickler and company or the Jimi Jamison experience.

Needless to say, lawsuits ensued in a battle for the Survivor name. Frankie Sullivan, Survivor’s guitarist, finally ended things when he assumed ownership of the name. Like most 80s rock bands, Survivor made amends and Jamison was invited back to the group. The band did something unheard of, though, and had Bickler and Jamison singing. I don’t think Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth would ever jump kick on the stage together, while belting the lyrics to “Panama.”

Jamison was 63 and died the night after performing in California on August 30th. Maybe the thrill of the fight was too much for him. The band was set to resume the tour on September 12, which has been postponed. Know more.