“Eh, it’s only a flesh wound.”

“Bro, hold my beer while I jump from the roof to the trampoline to the pool.”

Famous words of British comedians and the inebriated. Under these circumstances, those who utter alike phrases would be considered ‘fearless’.

Awww, that’s adorable – to the woman who can literally feel no fear.

She was subjected to ‘scary’ situations, like being exposed to spiders, a haunted house, and scary movies. She was all, “meh” about it.

There’s a scientific reason behind it, as reported in the results of a study. In your brain, there’s a section called the amygdala. The amygdala controls feelings that are hella intense – fear, rage, etc.

When you have some type of problem with your amygdala, you pretty much opt out of the whole “AHHHHHH!” thing. Or, you’re a psychopath. Cheerful.

However, the woman profiled is not a psychopath, but is an asset to science. With the abnormalities her amygdala presents, she could aid in the treatment of PTSD. Neurological insight into PTSD provides a better quality of life to a lot of people.

This lady, whoever she is, has ovaries of steel, and is contributing them to science. Know more.