If Janet Jackson’s nip slip on wholesome television programming wasn’t ridiculous enough for you, here comes Super Bowl’s biggest moment of irony. Turns out the very device they bought to impede blackouts ended up causing one. All this irony is making me think the unofficial mascot of the Super Bowl might be a hipster.

Although installed for the very purpose of preventing an outage, and having performed gloriously at earlier events, the relay device in question was apparently functioning at a low-trip setting, which caused the blackout. According to the electrical company, had it been on a high-trip setting, it would have never happened. Excuses, excuses.

Just for fun, in 10 seconds try to name as many epic fail devices that cause for you the very thing you’re trying to avoid. How about an umbrella that rains on you? Ummm, a life jacket filled with bricks. What about a fire extinguisher that blows fire? Didn’t think it was possible to make this blackout device sound more ridiculous, but I rest my case. Know more.