Here’s a joke:

A man walks into a courtroom. He presents his case to the judge: “Your honor, I submit to the court today my intent to file suit against Guinness, for calling me the most litigious man in the world.”

The judge pauses, then answers, “Son, you are not a genius.”

The man cries, “I’m suing Guinness! I know I’m not a genius!”

Ok, not the best joke, but it’s based on a true story. In 2009, Jonathan Lee Riches decided to sue Guinness because they spoke the truth: This guy sued everyone.

People/things Riches has filed lawsuits against: Somali pirates (No individual specified), Brittany Spears, President George W. Bush, Nostradamus, the Eiffel Tower, and so, so many more. Nostradamus, ironically, never saw it coming. Because none of his prophecies included a note regarding the abuse of the United States justice system.

He also met Bernie Madoff on eHarmony, the dating website-according to one of his suits. Mr. Madoff never commented, too busy being driven mad by the Lovecraftian monsters lurking in the shadows of his cell, punishment for his ponzi scheme (Wishful thinking).

Riches was released from prison in 2012, where he filed most of his lawsuits.

Doesn’t look like he’ll be filing more though. Know more.