The Holy Shits is a new band from the San Fernando Valley, and they follow Foo Fighters everywhere, including to England for the Fighters’ performance at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in London. Those Shits are some freakin’ stalkers, but I guess we can’t blame The Holy Shits — they’re Foo Fighters’ themselves, an alter ego.

The “new band” first played at a Foo Fighters concert as a classic rock cover band.

Under the guise of The Holy Shits, Foo Fighters will is playing small club venues in England because, as they tweeted, it would be a “shame to just do one show… in the UK.” Agreed, Foo Fighters, agreed.

After 20-plus years of rocking, Foo Fighters still have their youthful edge and energy, and they’re keeping the new music coming. The newest album hits the digital download stores mid October. Called Sonic Highways, you can pre-order it now. Know more.