Instagram. Y’all are probably familiar with it. Take a picture, select an ‘Old-timey’ filter, and share it. Hashtag: You are not a professional photographer.

Just an example of how photographic technology has evolved from the Daguerreotype. Today, we take pictures of ourselves on purpose.

The first picture of a human being was taken on accident. And they look kinda like Slenderman.

The picture, which can be seen in this post, was taken by Louis Daguerre (Yes, he invented the Daguerreotype process), in Paris, 1838. At first, it looks like the view from a window looking over a street.

Look at the bottom right. There’s a very small figure. This is the first person to be photographed.

If you look closer, you may spot what could be two other people. Some contend that there is a total of three people in the photo Daguerre took. Arguments aside, you can’t dispute that there is, in fact, a person on the bottom right. The first person who was photographed.

That person would never know of his fame. Or that 176 years later, someone could take their portable phone, press an icon on the scree, take a picture, and use the ‘willow’ filter to make it look like it was taken 176 years ago. Know more.