Sometimes getting out of bed can be difficult. Maybe you don’t want to face the day, or perhaps you’re trying to shade your choices from the night before. Either way, regular alarms don’t always do the trick. With the Wakie app, alarms will no longer be dull because this app allows total strangers to call your phone for the sole purpose of getting your ass out of bed.

After downloading the app, which is exclusively on Android or Windows Phone (iOS is in the approval process), you register your number and get segregated into one of two categories: Sleepyheads and Wakies. Sleepyheads are the people who can’t awaken from their slumber, and Wakies, well, do the waking.

The app tries to pair the sleeper with a Wakie, who is similar in age and of the opposite sex. Your standard wakeup calls just got more interesting. You immediately enter the dating world before your eyelids open. Sex sells and the people at Wakie are getting a jump on the bright and early dating game. Conversations only last one minute, though, so get to flirting! You’ll be happy to know that no numbers are exchanged with this app.

If nobody is available to wake the sleeper, then the regular alarm goes off. I support this effort at putting humans in contact via the medium of technology. It’s nice to have some human interaction every now and again. Sure, this is a weird way to promote it, but your morning wakeup calls may be the highlights of your days, depending on the Wakie. Give it a shot and see how it goes. Know more.