In the hills a Panamanian rainforest, a tiny species of poison dart frog heroically hops through branches and leaves that hang from the tops of massive trees, calling the altitude home. But at just 12.7 mm in length, the mysterious neon creature baffles scientists with its existence

It’s been unknown until now, though maybe that’s not so surprising since some people have fingernails that are bigger than one of these things. Dart frog species are always bigger – well, as far as we know knew. Plus, it doesn’t look anything like its closest genetic relatives in the area.

What we know for certain is that it’s toxic, and it carries tadpoles on its back.

The behavior is not new to researchers, who know that other species of dart frog move tadpoles between puddles and pools throughout the greenery of the trees above. Since they don’t come down from the trees and they’re amphibians, they have to keep wet, and the rain never disappoints in creating a wealth of puddles for these frogs to thrive in. Know more.