Ah, art students. We love you. We really do love the smell of stale clove cigarettes and the ‘installation’ pieces that are just PVC pipe and human hair. We love how you are always covered in charcoal, and manage to get it on the couch you’re crashing on-in our living rooms.

Of course, that’s just mockery-and way harsh. Truth is, an art student, or for real artist (In any medium-take a look at comedians, and almighty Robert Downy Jr.) could deliver a more epic and sardonic burn back. Why? Sarcasm actually helps with creativity!

In a study done on the impact of biting sarcasm, students were seen to respond with a more creative solution to a problem when someone Dr. Cox’d them. The sarcasm sparked something inside their brains, leading the student to see the problem from another angle.

Back to the creative types in the world-we laugh at you and roll our eyes. But you’ll make it someday. Our mockery will drive you out of mediocrity! Know more.