It’s easy to forget – or even that realize – that peacocks fly. Just look at that ridiculous creature below. That thing can fly? If so, so can I.


Some say it’s more  of a very controlled and graceful glide, but they can reach impressive heights for their size. Birds that big are usually terrible flyers, and I wouldn’t say these birds could out maneuver a hawk.

But these vain creatures definitely fly… and they look good doing it.

Flying Peacock

I’m no scientist, so don’t quote me on peacock science. But there is actually a classification of birds called “almost flightless birds”, and that seems to be right where the peacock is.

It’s not quite flightless, though it’s not a piece of cake to get up there either. It can’t keep it up for massive distances, unlike a duck, but don’t ever tell a peacock what he can or can’t do. After all, when you look this good, you probably feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. Know more.