Is it octopi or octopuses? When it boils down to it, both sound weird and more than one octopus is being discussed. Now that that is out of the way, octopuses can scoop up halved coconut shells out of the ocean floor so that they can use them as shelters. Sometimes they grab one half and other times they grab two, creating perfect mobile homes that offer protection from predators. If one of them ran into Spongebob’s house, it would be pina colada city under the sea.

Researchers say that this only happens in open, sandy areas underwater, where there are few places to hide. An octopus cannot bury itself in the sand like a crab because it can be easily picked up by a predator. And octopus is prime meat, top shelf style.

What interested researches the most was how octopuses possess the knowledge of tool use, which was thought to be an exclusive human trait. Brace yourselves, humans, we aren’t the only intelligent life forms out there. The discovery of these coconut carrying octopuses holds true to the fact that they are intelligent creatures. They push the boundaries of invertebrates. Way to be punk-rock, octopuses. Rebel against your category! Go vertebrates! Know more.